Amélie’s Angels

Children of Labegue, Haiti

Children of Labegue, Haiti

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Many people have asked me whether I was going to setup some type of fund or activity to improve the safety of SF streets for bicyclists. Although great improvements need to be made in this area, I leave it to advocates such as the Bicycle Coalition and other concerned individuals to petition for these changes.

Amélie was not a cyclist. She was simply a young woman who thought that cycling to work would help the environment and would be a good form of exercise. In the days following her death, I felt her love so intensely, I knew I had to channel it into some activity that would directly enhance the lives of others.

One evening, as I was walking our puppy Nelly (who she absolutely adored!), I noticed a beautiful ray of sunshine in the sky and I soon realized what Amélie was asking me to do. She loved to give presents, and she loved children. Combining those two thoughts with her love of France, I decided to create Amélie’s Angels, a fund dedicated to bringing the gifts of education, food, clothing, toys, and most importantly love and laughter, to the children of Haiti.

Amélie’s Angels summary and objectives:

  • Dedicated fund setup through St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palo Alto, CA after the death of Amélie Le Moullac on August 14th, 2013. It was setup through the church in order to benefit from its’ 501(c)3 tax exempt status, and to better leverage existing connections to Haiti.
  • The was fund initially setup by Jessie Jewitt, Amélie’s mother and member of St. Mark’s Church. Decisions regarding distributions of funds are made by a Senior Clergy person of St. Mark’s and Jessie Jewitt, with input from the Outreach Committee.
  • Donations are US tax exempt. Donors receive receipts for all donations, and are kept informed of the fund activities through a quarterly newsletter.
  • The primary objective of the fund is to enhance the lives and education of Haitian children through a partnership program with the Episcopal Church in Haiti.
  • The initial target lifetime of the fund is 5 years. The viability of the fund and future evolution will be evaluated after this period.


- Jessie Jewitt, on behalf of Amélie’s family