Thank you to Amélie’s brother, Charles Le Moullac, for the beautiful pictures and the song “Gone Too Soon” that he recorded in honor of his sister.


Amélie Louise Le Moullac was born on August 10th, 1989 in Herblay, France. From the day of her birth, MelieLou, so affectionately called by family and friends, was the life of the party. Bursting with giggles and armed with an arsenal of silly faces guaranteed to disarm and delight, she reminded all of us to laugh every day.

By the age of two, Amélie had sprouted a full head of wild, curly blond hair, the sight of which usually meant mischief soon followed. However, her knack for stirring up trouble rarely elicited angry words or scolding, as she stood at the ready with some utterly unpredictable, wonderfully zany response.

When Amélie moved to America in 1997, her role expanded to that of mediator and peacemaker. She acted as the glue between her mother and father, the link connecting her sister and brother – at times, it seemed, even unofficial diplomat promoting USA-France relations. A pacifist at heart, Amélie couldn’t stand to see conflict dividing those in her life; she constantly strove to reconcile those at odds with one another through humor and heartfelt negotiation.

Amélie loved life, and everyone who knew Amélie loved her. She touched countless lives in her short time with us; she possessed a rare, intangible quality that left all in her wake feeling special and valued. Her outrageous comments, easy laughter, and abundant love will never be forgotten.

Amélie has sown seeds in our hearts that will continue to grow and help us all become better people. She reminds us to go beyond the boundaries of our self-imposed boundaries. Live every day for Amélie, and not without her. That is the greatest gift of remembrance we can all give. Know that I am thankful and grateful that you have been a part of her life, and that you are now my friend.

- Jessie Jewitt, her mother