Amelie in all her glory
Amélie awaiting the train to her next adventure.
Amélie's favorite place
Amélie and her beloved siblings, Charlie and Rose.
Ah Tahoe! Site of last Voce Offsite
Amélie and her Mom Jessie
Always standing out from the crowd.
Amélie's Family

Remembering Amélie Le Moullac

Amélie was tragically killed on August 14th, 2013 while riding her bicycle to work. This website has been created by Amélie’s friends, family and colleagues at Voce Communication to honor her life.

The site is intended to function as a place to share stories about Amélie, find the most up-to-date media, enjoy a growing collection of photos commemorating our dear friend, and access information regarding Amélie’s Angels - the fund set up by her mother to aid children in Haiti.

Communications will be moderated to ensure that Amélie’s remembrance remains the heart and soul of This website is not intended to host debates regarding the dangers of urban cycling, road accident liability or other politically charged topics.

We encourage all visitors to enrich the pages of this site by recounting here your stories about Amélie, and sharing the influence she had on your lives. Select “Share your story” in the upper right hand corner of this website. Choose the category which best suits your posting:

  • Accident Update – News stories related to the accident
  • Amélie’s Angels – Topics related to the fund created for Amélie
  • Famous Sayings – Things that Amélie said or wrote that you remember
  • Remembering Amélie – Specific experiences you had with Amélie that you’d like to share

Most importantly, we urge you to have fun, and don’t forget to laugh! We are all blessed to have been touched by such a unique and vivacious young woman – together, let’s celebrate, cherish and continue to spread the joy of Amélie’s enduring spirit.